60 Years of Contact Centre Experience

Swiss pioneer

TELAG was established in 1959 as Europe’s first provider of telephone answering services. The first 20 years were marked by establishing telephone outsourcing. In 1979 the paging network for Switzerland was introduced. By 1985 the call centre was entirely computerized. TELAG was one of the first companies in Europe to provide ACD telephony system and integrated CTI technology.

Continuous expansion of services

From 1987, the service range was expanded to inbound telemarketing, database management, lettershop and fulfilment. At the same time as introducing premium telephone numbers, TELAG launched in 1991 audiotex services for promotions, advertising campaigns and the entertainment sector. From 1996, various existing outbound telemarketing companies were acquired or shareholdings purchased, to close service gaps. By founding the first teaching institute for call centre operators in 1999, TELAG also became involved in the training sector.

Customer communication on all channels

With regard to the growing importance of e-commerce, TELAG defines its strategic role more and more as a customer contact centre. As part of a consistent policy on customer relationship focus, the company executes customer contacts on behalf of its clients - regardless the channel of communication.


As Switzerland’s first call centre, its consistently high standards of quality management have been recognised by certification in 1998.

Employee training

TELAG has 200 employees in Zurich. In order to achieve our high quality standards, we sincerely value training and further education of our employees. We provide specialised teams with comprehensive knowledge on product groups, for example for the technical sector.

New competences

TELAG is continuously expanding its market position for demanding technical support services. In the healthcare sector, TELAG provides services in 25 countries with 29 languages. 

New impulses: Capita plc

In 2005, TELAG was acquired by thebeecompany (later avocis group). In 2015, avocis group became part of Capia plc. Capita plc, based in London, is one of the leading outsourcing companies in Europe in the area of client management, outsourcing of business processes, software and consulting.

Collective work agreement for contact center employees

With the foundation of the employer organization contactswiss and the establishment of a new collective work agreement for contact and call centre employees, TELAG is committed to raising the status of contact centre work and promotes a new appreciation for the sector.