Our helpdesk solves the technical problems of your customers in less than no time

Nowadays, technology forms an integral part of all professional areas. Whether in services, online applications, hardware or software – technology is incorporated into many products and services but it is not always self-explanatory. Therefore, customers and users require advice on the use and application of technical products. At TELAG, we assist you in technical customer support to ensure a smooth service experience for your customers. In addition to the technical helpdesk, we also support you in the management of information- and helplines.

Satisfied customers with an extensive technical customer service

Our technical helpdesk specialists are always ready when a technical product or a new software is causing problems. No matter how complex the technology and the problem may be, we assist you in solving it – step by step. After all, products that incorporate modern technology require competent and comprehensive technical customer service. A locked mobile phone, a computer that does not start up, or an internet connection that can no longer be established; these are all classic problems that we can solve quickly and easily with our technical support services.

Round-the-clock technical helpdesk service

Our employees are available to your customers around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in German, French, Italian and English. This ensures that technical problems of your customers can be solved instantly and smoothly without any obstacles. Thanks to the use of technically qualified staff, we have a very good first call solution rate in technical support, which means that problem solving usually takes place on the first call.



Technical Support & Helpdesk

Especially products and services containing state-of-the-art technology require competent support. A blocked mobile phone, a computer that does not start, or the internet is not connecting, are classical customer problems, we can solve at the telephone – around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in four languages. We also answer complex queries. Thanks to our technically experienced employees we have a very good “first call solution rate” – problem solving rate at first call.