We answer your calls on behalf of your company

The telephone answering service is a comprehensive and very personal form of telephone service. We answer all calls of your customers in the name of your company in German, French, Italian and English, handling the requests with care and accuracy. In addition to this, we also transmit messages and notifications, either via e-mail or sms. Several types of transmission per contact person are possible. Calls can be forwarded at any time by pressing a button and without prior notice.

A more personalised telephone answering service guarantees customer satisfaction

Your calls are handled by a small team, which has been specially trained for your company and the possible concerns and needs of your customers. This training also includes information about your employees, such as name, function and responsibility. The absence times of your employees, which can be communicated to us on a regular basis, are also passed on to the customers. Of course we answer all calls according to your specifications and send the received messages immediately to the desired employees in the company. Upon request, we also forward calls about urgent matters directly to the requested employee.

A telephone answering service on fair terms

In order to be able to maximise potential for you and your customers, we offer you an individual telephone answering service on fair terms. Our service times are from Monday to Friday, from 7 to 20 o'clock, on request also 24h / 7d. Especially for SMEs and companies with several employees, a telephone answering service is ideally suited to ensure availability for customers even outside of business hours. The monthly fee includes a fixed number of contacts. To receive an individual offer, please contact us personally.
You can contact us at the telephone number 0848 80 0848 or via e-mail at info@telag.ch. Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you!
Case example: telephone answering service

We are an agency for buying and letting property. Our company is formed by a team of six colleagues, who spend most of their time out and about with clients. Until a few months ago, the telephone switchboard was manned by one of the six staff. This was not a satisfactory solution, because they often had to go to outside appointments at short notice. It was also hard to estimate how much telephone traffic there would be.

We heard about the possibility of using the telephone secretary service. Our requirements for a personalised telephone answering service were quite demanding. A small team was trained in the special needs of the company and in the special nature of the work.

It was decided that messages about particular properties would be forwarded directly to the employees responsible for them. The method of communication is customised: if an employee is working from home, he receives an email, but if he is out viewing a property with clients, he is notified by text message.

With the telephone service, we enjoy the benefits of a personalised service. In our business, quick responses to enquiries and requests are vital, and with the TELAG telephone service, we have our own «telephone secretary».