The out-of-hours service supports companies with service organisations and assignments out of business hours. All calls are reliably processed in Swiss German, French, Italian and English, in the name of your company. The callers are given precise information and, if necessary, the appropriate service technician is summoned. Flexibility, professionalism and certified quality are values that characterise our out-of-hours services.

We cover all kinds of out-of-hours services

In order to provide you with an all-round service, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of out-of-hours services for you. Our services include, amongst others:

  • processing error messages, around the clock or alternatively only outside of business hours
  • coordinating service deployments
  • monitoring service technicians and handling their feedback

Multiple alerts are possible at any time. In order to optimise and to constantly improve our services, we also offer you the option of creating reports and statistical evaluations of call and intervention times.

Out-of-hours service at first-rate terms

Since concerns and problems cannot be scheduled, your customers can reach our out-of-hours service and dispatch centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only this ensures that a solution can be found as quickly as possible. The monthly fee for our out-of-hours service covers a fixed number of call minutes.

Please contact our sales team for an individual offer: 0848 80 0848 or We look forward to talking to you.

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