We run your company telephone switchboard as an outsourced solution. Your advantages are apparent: Not only can you save staff and avoid personnel problems, but you can also establish a high quality standard in the long term. Our switchboard service is ideally suited for small and medium-sized companies. For large companies, this service can also be used as an overflow solution. A telephone reception is therefore the optimal way for both smaller and larger companies to save resources and personnel while setting a high standard in individual customer care.

Telephone Reception – Great effect with a simple mode of operation

The operation mode of your outsourced telephone switchboard is as simple as it is clever. An external telephone switchboard forwards the calls directly to the contact centre. All calls are processed in your name and according to your specifications in Swiss German, French, Italian and English. In order to provide customers with the most realistic service experience possible, our employees have information about your employees such as name, role, internal telephone numbers and absence times. If the desired employee should not be reachable, we receive all messages and information in the personal message desk (24h / 7d as well). The messages and notifications are sent to you via e-mail or SMS.

TELAG as a competent service provider for outsourcing your telephone switchboard

In order that smooth communication can take place for you and, above all, for your customers, even outside normal business hours, our employees can be reached from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. The monthly fee includes a fixed number of contacts. To receive an individual offer please contact us either by phone at 0848 80 0848 or via info@telag.ch . Our sales team is looking forward to hearing from you!
Case example: Telephone Reception

We are an international trade company with roughly 50 staff members. Until recently, the telephone switchboard has been operated by a telephone receptionist; in combination with general administrative work, her work capacity was well-utilized. Later, we decided to implement direct dial numbers for the respective staff members. The callers made active use of this function, with the result that the telephone receptionist was no longer working to capacity. Finally, the problem was solved when we outsourced the telephone reception. Now, all calls to our main phone number are automatically transferred to the Telephone Reception team of TELAG. Specially trained telephone secretaries answer the call in our name and put the call through to the required staff member of our company. All information is managed in a data base. If a required staff member is not available, the message is received and immediately transmitted via e-mail or SMS.

As a result of this process, the savings of our company amount to more than 40%. Service quality cannot be measured in terms of money or replaced. At TELAG, every call is answered in a friendly and professional manner and passed on to the responsible staff member in our company. The service is available from Monday to Friday, for 12 hours without interruption. This also proves to be an elegant solution for the problem of presence during lunch time and off-peak hours.