With many years of experience we provide competences in various services areas such as customer care center and call center services. With comprehensive expertise we support small as well as medium sized companies to adopt new approaches in order to strengthen their relationship with customers. We provide highest technological standards in a reliable and competent manner. In the areas of healthcare, eCommerce, telephone reception, technical help desk and out-of-hours services, we employ our expertise in a targeted and individual way for you and your customers. Above all, we pay great attention to quality, reliability and honesty.

Personal contact and competent service is our highest priority in our call center

In our contact center and all support services, we place special emphasis on personal contact, using all contact channels: phone, e-mail or chat. A direct and friendly service and an understanding of the customers problems is the key of a successful cooperation. By identifying the needs, we are able to use our competences in the area of customer support accordingly and comply fully with the expectations of the customers. 

Our competences are individual customer support and the dialog on behalf of our clients

Only by a holistic and individual support it is possible to draw the full potential of our clients. Our 200 employees process the different demands flexible and specific. Thereby, our trained specialists act in a highly motivated and reliable manner. The trust of our clients is the basis of a successful and long-term cooperation and is our first priority.

Customer Care Centre

The world's largest companies have entrusted us with their customer service for more than 30 years now ...

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We are helping clients to transform their whole business model in order to stay successful in an ever increasing digital world ...

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Outsourcing, Insourcing, Nearshoring or better still, processing everything in-house? We have the answer...

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Billing Services

Professional services for efficient accounts receivable management, from invoicing to payment collection...

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Technical Helpdesk

Services, online applications, hardware, and software: Products often involve complex technology. This technology is not always self-explanatory...

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Telephone Answering Service

The telephone answering service provides a comprehensive and very personal service. It is particularly suitable for SME’s and companies consisting of...

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Telephone Reception

With Telephone Reception , you can outsource your company switchboard for us to operate. The advantages are obvious: manpower savings, consistent...

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Out-of-hours services

The out-of-hours service supports companies with service organizations and assignments out of business hours. Our out-of-hours and disposition office...

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